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Certis Seeks Intelligence for Risk Management and HSE

Jul 2, 2021 4:03:22 PM

Business Intelligence

Differentiate from competitors

Faster to investigations

Automated workflows notifying stakeholders

Integrated Processes

View multiple processes from one system


Certis needed to be able to see their risks and impacts and controls easily. They needed to be able to swiftly rectify issues and adapt to changes in their dynamic environment, as well as gain business intelligence.

Certis Security Australia is a trusted integrated security services provider for businesses around the globe. Backed by over 60 years experience in physical security, market insights and patented technology innovations. Certis operates across Australia, Singapore, China and the United Arab Emirates. 

Michael Fenwick’s role as National Manager for HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) and Reporting, is to make sure that the requirements of their services are maintained by best practices as well as by legal obligations.

“Before implementing ReadiNow, we had multiple different solutions to handle the various risk, health, safety and environmental aspects of our requirements. And we needed a solution that was able to take all of that information, streamline it, connect and access existing data within our business.”
- Michael Fenwick, National HSE & Reporting Manager, Certis Security Australia

ReadiNow provides integrated business intelligence tools allowing Certis to view multiple processes.

Certis utilised ReadiNow to digitise their entire Risk & Health and safety systems.

“The ReadiNow platform has allowed us to take our existing data sets and integrate them to gain business intelligence through analytics. To integrate our business analysis tools with our databases so that we have a live feed of all our activities.”
- Michael Fenwick, National HSE & Reporting Manager, Certis Security Australia

Certis can access items such as employee lists, client lists, site lists and contractor lists and bring them into one to gain insights through business analytics. They are now able to identify hazards, risks and opportunities within the business. They can make sure that they're proactive in the management of HSE risks at Certis Security Australia.

Certis found the no-code capability within ReadiNow empowered them to take control of their tools. It increased their ability to adapt quickly to operational changes.

“We selected ReadiNow because of the ease of use and the no-code capability. We found that being able to have a no code platform gives our subject matter experts and operational teams more control over the end product. We're able to rapidly adjust to changes in our industry or client requirements. And that really gives us a leverage to respond quickly to these changes in an effective manner. With longevity and consistency.”
- Michael Fenwick, National HSE & Reporting Manager, Certis Security Australia

Unrestricted business intelligence

ReadiNow has assisted the HSE team to provide information and intelligence on health, safety, and environment to the business. Previous systems were not connected or integrated in any way. So many of their tasks were taking data from various sources and collating them into a common data set. Then manipulate the data to provide them in a palatable manner. This was of course manual and time consuming. The long lead time to provide any intelligence restricted the HSE team in providing data in a responsive manner.

“Readinow gives us the ability to differentiate ourselves and be much more reactive. We can now be on the front foot of our risk management, health, safety, and environment. By giving tools to the frontline and support staff, they're able to leverage their expertise to proactively respond to changes in industry or regulatory requirements.”
- Michael Fenwick, National HSE & Reporting Manager, Certis Security Australia

From incident to investigation faster than ever before

ReadiNow is a system that allows Certis to move their incident reporting and HSE activities at a speed previously unavailable to them. They're able to take incidents live from the field and bring them directly into the system. They can then assign them to responsible parties to take action. Investigations or notifying relevant parties is possible within a much shorter timeframe.

This replaces a paper and email based system that could have taken days, depending on people's availability. With ReadiNow it is all within matter of minutes. Certis can go from incident report to investigation commencement, all recorded in a single platform.

“ReadiNow has allowed us to provide that information on a live or near live location. It provides information directly to teams avoiding delay from incident to report to analysis. It's a much faster journey. We can spend more time resolving issues as opposed to waiting around for analysis and follow up from questions.”
- Michael Fenwick, National HSE & Reporting Manager, Certis Security Australia

Keeping up with Clients and Regulators

Technology and business move at an alarming pace, the ability to adapt to changes with customers needs to be timely. ReadiNow speeds up Certis’ processes, and reduces delays and errors.

“ReadiNow gives us the ability to adapt the system ourselves without having to rely on the supplier.”
- Michael Fenwick, National HSE & Reporting Manager, Certis Security Australia

The key benefit for implementing ReadiNow was the ability to respond to changes in their environment quickly. From client requirements to regulatory requirements. Certis revels in the ability to make changes to the system without specialist resources, such as IT coding staff or other resource staff.

A simple change such as moving a workflow one point across could have previously taken weeks and months in a major project. With the ReadiNow platform they’re able to implement changes within a couple meetings. It can be live across the system without a large rollout or infrastructure requirements of a detailed application.


The implementation phase was a very collaborative and helpful process. The ReadiNow team were able to support Michael and Certis in getting the solution they needed.

“Their ability to be prepared and responsive to my requirements was very beneficial. I was able to ask a question in a format that made sense to me. Although it was not in the format they required, they were able to adapt and make the changes and get back to me in a very timely manner. I was able to get the results and the solution that I envisaged.”
- Michael Fenwick, National HSE & Reporting Manager, Certis Security Australia

ReadiNow’s powerful zero code tools and off the shelf modules, enable Certis to keep up with any changes in their environment. The expertise and support from ReadiNow made this project very straightforward and successful. The zero code platform gives leverage to the people who have the information and the people who need the changes to happen within the business.

“ReadiNow's project management and support makes it really easy to maintain the system. It gives us the ability to be reactive and responsive to changes in our industry and to client requirements.”

"ReadiNow is our all in one solution. We've taken disparate processes and brought them into one platform. This allows us to then leverage various aspects of the platform in a very simple and intuitive manner. We can further develop those features and send them out to frontline staff. The management teams can access them immediately. Any changes required by external factors can be adapted by our operational teams using the platform. ReadiNow allows us to leverage our information from the existing systems in a completely new way. It gives us insights that we previously never had.”
- Michael Fenwick, National HSE & Reporting Manager, Certis Security Australia        


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