Has digital transformation become a dirty word?

Instead of delivering the promised land of efficiency and productivity, many digital transformation projects have ended in disaster or worse, failed to get off the ground at all.  So what do you do when there's "no app for that"?

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Automate almost any process using our drag and drop workflow designer that will bring your project to life.
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Business Solutions

Pre-built business solution frameworks help organisations achieve an integrated solution and work more collaboratively.
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No-code Development

Democratise app development and create business solutions without the need for programmers or heavy configuration effort.
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Go beyond the standard out of the box charts and dive deeper into what is really happening inside your organisation.
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Design and collate beautiful surveys for registered users and manage distribution lists with ease.
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Generate beautiful printable plans and documents by automatically collating, calculating and formatting information gathered across the system.
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Empower your employees with the latest information at their fingertips in real time. Any device, anywhere, any time.
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Gain total control and visibility over how you integrate your systems, whilst saving time with a simplified platform solution.
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Inbuilt Security Engine empowers you with security controls at any level by role or by relationship and association, to meet your unique business needs.
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"Across these clients exists consistent praise for the value of the ongoing cost of ownership of the ReadiNow platform, in the speed of deployment, return on investment, improved effectiveness, and agility to reliably achieve objectives while reducing uncertainty and risk."


Michael Rasmussen
Analyst, GRC2020


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