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Jul 6, 2021 11:12:25 AM


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Using ReadiNow to create a powerful and flexibility ERP Solution.

Cadgroup is a software reseller servicing the manufacturing, construction, mining and plant industry. Cadgroup's technology solutions from 20+ strategic partners enable clients to design and build cities around Australia.

Searching for a self-sufficient solution

Cadgroup's Director, Ibrahim Thanawalla, searched for a complete ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system for many years . There were solutions, but most of them depended on third party applications to achieve the outcome Cadgroup desired.

Supporting hundreds of clients and suppliers across dozens of products and services, Cadgroup needed and ERP system that could cater for its complex and bespoke requirements

On top of requiring extra resources, none of the commercial solutions available allowed Cadgroup to run it’s processes in the way they needed to. Customizations were possible, but they had limitations blocking Ibrahim from achieving the results he wanted.

ReadiNow is a platform as a solution (PaaS), not only an out-of-the-box software solution (SaaS). This allowed Ibrahim to leverage the platform's features to design and build the exact system he wanted. Rather than customize work-around restrictions of a pre-designed system.

Now I use ReadiNow, I have one app for the CRM, one app for ordering, I have one app for products, price list and so on, one app for contracts, which does contracts and assets, and then I have an app for services that does support cases, so it's multiple... It's taking care of the whole business, from customer intelligence, leads, opportunities, quotes, sales orders, invoices, purchase orders right to the vendors, supporting customers, and contract renewals.
- Ibrahim Thanawalla, Director, Cadgroup Australia Pty Ltd

Running your business the way you need to

Ibrahim discovered that with ReadiNow, he’s not only able to configure the solutions to suit their needs. He can create an object and create relations and dependences as needed as well. He can also create which ever fields he requires. Whereas with other systems, he’d need to be dependent on third party developers to code any additional requirements.

“So if I went to another generic system, I would have to go to a third party developer who to commission work on that application to do my contracts. But then I'd become dependent on that third party. If that third party business went under or changed specialties, then I had my business intelligence stuck. So that's another reason why I decided to use ReadiNow, because I had total control over what I was doing.”
- Ibrahim Thanawalla, Director, Cadgroup Australia Pty Ltd

Cadgroup has stated that one of the main benefits from using ReadiNow over the other systems is that ReadiNow is not a system, it’s a platform. It gives clients the user interface, utilities and tools, to create their own custom solutions. When you know your business processes well, you can configure the solution to suit you.

You can develop anything that you want to develop for your business processes. I can create objects and then decide how those objects and the records between them are going to interact. I write my own workflows. I decide how my company is going to process an order, rather than attempt to customize someone else's idea of how an order should be processed.
- Ibrahim Thanawalla, Director, Cadgroup Australia Pty Ltd

Platform that makes 'ideal' possible

By replacing manual processes with automation solutions, the less error-prone your data will be. Protecting the standardization of data is important when that data influences vital business decisions.

One of the biggest issues Cadgroup struggled with, was managing complex contract renewals. Cadgroup’s sales team were struggling to not only find the various contracts that belonged to clients, but to manage contract expiry. Which contracts were expiring and required renewals. Which needed licenses added to existing contracts plus calculating alternate pro-rata expiry dates. It was a very manual process which took one person at least half an hour for each client. With ReadiNow, one person can complete the paperwork in less than two minutes.

The feedback I'm getting from all employees who are using the system is that they love it. I'm told it's saving tons and tons of time. ReadiNow gave me the tools to achieve this. ReadiNow makes it possible.
- Ibrahim Thanawalla, Director, Cadgroup Australia Pty Ltd


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