IT Disaster Recovery Management

Respond quickly to incidents and technology disruptions

Reduce time, effort and associated costs with clear visibility of RTO/RTC, RPO/RPC analysis.

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IT and Security Risk Management

Easily manage IT and cybersecurity risks through frameworks aligned with industry best practices and standards. Transform raw risk data into actionable intelligence with 360-degree, real-time views of risks across the enterprise.

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Dashboard of IT & Security Risk Management showing progress and approval status of application, device and infrastructure recoveries.

Technology Dependency Analysis

Significantly reduce time, effort and associated costs in identifying key dependency gaps and misalignment between business requirements and IT capability. IT Disaster Recovery Management provides clear visibility and actionable intelligence to remediate and close these gaps.

User interface of Applications Register showing a chart of applications sorted by status, by RTC and a general overview.

IT Event Recovery

Manage, respond and recover from IT Service failure or outages by providing a structured and coordinated approach to analysing and determining the appropriate course of action. Support effective decision-making and response through automated workflow, plan activation and emergency notifications. Ensure all stakeholders and personnel remain fully informed during the IT incident with real-time recovery status and action progress.

Dashboard of IT Event Recovery showing the number of active events and plans, events sorted by status, type and severity and an overview.

Disaster Recovery Rehearsals and Testing

Remove the additional burden of Disaster Recovery (DR) rehearsals, continual preparation, testing and review.  With ReadiNow, DR rehearsals can be scheduled, including plan walkthroughs, individual component testing or a full DR test simulation. Deficiencies or gaps can be captured in an action plan to ensure that they are either addressed immediately or during the next plan review cycle.

User interface of IT Recovery Planning showing due date, status, types, categories, criticality and a general overview.

Communicate and Notify

Communicate effectively with your team with native support for bi-directional SMS and email.  This built-in feature means you can easily integrate with your existing business process automation such as approval requests, escalations, and delegations. Simply define notification templates and send to team members, selected groups, call trees or all staff.

A black iPhone next to a black iPad. Both devices are showing the user interface of the it risk software on their screens.

"ReadiNow provides a responsive interface that allows GRC processes to be managed across devices. It enables users to control and manage GRC programs through mobile devices anywhere, anytime."


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Analyst, GRC2020

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