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Why Partner With ReadiNow?


Gain Market Share

Rapidly expand your market opportunities. Leverage the ReadiNow Digital Transformation Platform to  quickly build solutions and instantly add new products and services to your core offering


Increase Revenue

Create business applications instantly. This allows you to build a business model that increases your ROI significantly, by buying wholesale to market your own brand.


Improve Your Bottom Line

Imagine no infrastructure costs, no maintenance costs, no programming costs. With the ReadiNow Digital Transformation Platform for partners everything is turnkey.

Types of Partner


Platform Partner

Don’t waste time, resource and money on development.  Build customized solutions for your brand using ReadiNow’s digital transformation platform.  Create new products and services, or assist you with your CRM, BCM or GRC systems.


Consulting Partner

Integrate, customize and implement custom solutions built on the ReadiNow platform for your clients.

Consulting partners can confidently help your clients digitally transform their businesses with ReadiNow’s Digital Transformation platform.


Referral Partner

Deliver a more innovate and integrated risk management solution that will enable their clients to become more competitive and resilient.  Referral  Partners are leaders in Risk Advisory, Business Continuity, Security, Audit, Compliance and Governance.


Reseller Partner

Broaden your market opportunity and expand your service offering by becoming a ReadiNow Reseller. Immediately create new revenue streams by generating recurring revenue for ongoing licence resales.

Dream. Design. Deploy

Unlimited tailored applications 

With zero coding, drag & drop functionality you can create unlimited applications tailored to your business needs, helping streamline and automate your organization.

Stunning mobile apps instantly

Configure what you want to see on desktop, mobile or tablet instantly, with just one click.

Self-service analytics

Go beyond the standard ‘out of the box’ reports and charts. Create your own unique dashboards in minutes.

Unique security approach

The robust inbuilt Security Engine protects you with secure controls at all levels.

Intelligent workflow automation 

ReadiNow’s Intelligent Engine (RIE™) Technology helps automate and streamline your business processes easily.

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