IT Risk Management

Real-time view of risks across the entire enterprise

Reduce operational costs, drive efficiencies and align IT and security requirements to business risk appetite.

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Technology Asset Management

Store your IT assets, identify owners, assess critical assets and manage the IT asset repository over time. Easily integrate with existing asset repositories stored in external systems through automated schedule imports or through real-time integration leveraging the API.

Technology Asset Management

Centralised Threat Library

Create a centralised repository for the identification and storage of identified IT threats. In this central library, threats can be assigned and cross referenced against both an IT asset or risk assessment. With dynamic real-time reporting, organisations can assess the impact of an emerging or existing threat and assign the necessary focus and mitigation activities across IT assets.

Centralised Threat Library

Risk Treatment Plans

Proactively mitigate IT risks and reduce IT costs with treatment and remediation plans.

Remediation plans can be assigned to a single IT asset or against an IT project, enabling one or more owners to implement the treatments and remediation actions whilst maintaining a single view of the entire risk status in real time.

Risk Treatment Plans

IT Controls Management

Controls are assigned to risks from the IT Controls library. Each control can be assigned to one or more risks enabling centralised and streamlined control consolidation and management ongoing.

Enable a centralised view of key controls and their associated effectiveness through dynamic dashboards ensuring ongoing control effectiveness and management over time.

IT Controls Management

Ongoing Risk Reviews

Streamlining the risk review process, and automate the ongoing management and reassessment of risks and controls over time.

Notifications and alerts are sent to both IT asset owners as well as the assigned IT Risk Manager to ensure ongoing risk management practices are being maintained.

IT RIsk_01

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