Compliance Management

Take control of regulatory compliance with one platform

Maintain compliance with new laws and regulations and reduce the resources needed to identify and implement organization-wide changes.

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"Without this type of intelligent technology, we wouldn't be able to achieve a fully integrated risk management system."


Smart Group

Smart Group

Compliance Framework

Proactively create the compliance assurance framework to methodically document and record the objectives and improve the connection between external compliance requirements and internal control activities.

Compliance Framework

Monitor Compliance Levels

Stay ahead of the game by quickly assigning controls, accurately measuring the control effectiveness and ensuring the organisation is aligned to meeting the compliance objectives in real-time.

Monitor Compliance Levels

Demonstrate Effectiveness

Just having a compliance program implemented is not enough.  Companies are required to demonstrate the effectiveness of their programs.  Showcase your compliance program with integrated controls assessments and the ability to detect any non-compliances.

Demonstrate Effectiveness
“ReadiNow enables users to rapidly configure applications and workflows based on the organisations exact needs through an architecture that allows apps to be deployed seamlessly.”

Michael Rasmussen, Analyst GRC2020

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