Vendor Risk Management

Anticipate and reduce third party risks

Minimise potential business disruption, avoid deal and delivery failures and ensure more-sustainable multi-sourcing.

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Centralised Repository

Identify and document services provided by your third-parties in an easy-to-use centralised repository using our risk management software. Now you can anticipate risks associated with third-party engagements and eliminate the need to make blind decisions.

VRM Centralised Repository


Not all suppliers are equally critical to the business, so it is essential to group and rate third-party suppliers. Our Vendor Risk Management Software enables you to group and rate suppliers to ensure all resources are allocated effectively.

VRM Monitor

Visual Analytics

Gain faster time to value and lower cost of ownership with "out of the box" graphical dashboards, to identify risk trends and relationships, manage controls, remediation plans, or create your own custom dashboards or workflows to model your own third-party risk methodology.

VRM Visual
“ReadiNow enables users to rapidly configure applications and workflows based on the organisations exact needs through an architecture that allows apps to be deployed seamlessly.”

Michael Rasmussen, Analyst GRC2020

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