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Achieve CPS 230 Compliance Easily

ReadiNow is the only GRC software platform with a custom-built, dedicated CPS 230 module.

The ReadiNow CPS 230 package is being leveraged by some of Australia's leading banks and financial institutions to implement proactive, centralised and automated strategy for effortless compliance and total control.

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 Real-Time CPS 230 Dashboard

  Govern Operational Risk Management

 Streamline Incident Management

 Assess Critical Operations

  Manage Service Providers

 Automate APRA Reports

 Facilitate No-Code Automation


Let us guide you through CPS 230 compliance

As experienced providers in GRC solutions, ReadiNow engages with many Australian financial institutions to tailor solutions to transition from their current operational frameworks to achieve full compliance with the CPS 230 standards, ensuring they meet regulatory requirements and best practices in the industry. ReadiNow can help by:

  • Conducting a CPS 230 gap analysis,
  • Assist in preparing an action plan for compliance, and
  • Assist in implementing technology to comply with CPS 230.
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A Holistic Approach to CPS 230 Compliance

ReadiNow is leading the industry in preparing our clients for the upcoming APRA CPS 230 Prudential Standards. Get a headstart with your CPS 230 compliance with ReadiNow's webinars, industry roundtable sessions,  thought-leadership content, and tailored solutions for CPS 230.

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Harness the power of automation to effortlessly manage all your CPS 230 requirements
Auto-generate APRA notification reports
Executive-Level Insights with real-time Executive CPS 230 dashboards for Management and Board reporting
Leverage no-code automation for effortless control of Risk, Business Continuity, Incident & Vendor Management

Complete Set of CPS 230 Modules

Having a fully integrated CPS 230 solution in place enables you to easily comply with your CPS 230 requirements. This approach minimizes complexity, reduces risks significantly, and meet the APRA requirements.

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Real-Time Executive Dashboard

Gain a comprehensive view of your CPS 230 compliance posture, take action on gaps, and increase efficiency in managing your regulatory obligations, critical operations, and risks and service providers all in one place.

Manage all your CPS230 requirements
Executive-level insights with real-time CPS230 dashboards for management and board reporting
Auto-generate APRA notification reports
Leverage no-code automation for effortless control of Risk, Business Continuity, Incident & Vendor Management 
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Operational Risk Management

Improve the operational risk procedures, controls, and structure to align with the outcome-driven mandates of CPS 230, maintaining the ability to operate amidst disruptions rather than merely recovering from them.

Set Business objectives
Define Risk taxonomy
Centralise Risk & Control Library
Assess Risk & Controls consistently
Manage Treatment plans
Measure Key risk indicators
Linkages to incidents and near misses
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Business Continuity Management

Strengthen business continuity strategies by pinpointing critical operations using the CPS 230 perspective and establish suitable tolerance thresholds for each function and increase testing responsibilities.

Centralise list of critical operations
Undertake Business impact analysis & set Tolerance levels
Identify Processes and dependencies
Manage Business continuity plans
Plan Disruption scenarios
Automate Rehearsals
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Management of Service Providers

Conduct a comprehensive evaluation to determine which service providers are essential, specifically those necessary for a crucial operation or those that subject the entity to significant operational risk and implement appropriate performance measurements process.

Centralise Vendor registers, including Material service providers
Manage Master service agreements
Maintain Contract registers
Undertake Vendor risk assessment
Monitor Vendor KPI’s
Manage Contracts 

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Incident Management

Ensure that operational risk incidents are identified, escalated, recorded and addressed in a timeframe that meets the requirements for APRA-regulated entities.

Report incidents and near misses
Triage and investigation
Identify branch and reportable breach
Determine root causes
Linkages to risks and controls
Manage incident remediation
Trend analysis and reporting 


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apra cps reporting

Automated APRA Notifications

Notify APRA of key events and service providers and that may affect operational resilience, and for APRA to develop a wide view of key concentration risks across the industry.

Autogenerate APRA notification reports
Automatic reminders of upcoming and overdue notifications
Historical record of all notifications sent
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All Built on our
No-Code Platform

Built on our proprietary AI Powered No-Code Platform, ReadiNow is a complete Digital Transformation Platform for GRC.

ReadiNow 's innovative GRC software is:
Faster to Deploy
Easier to Configure
100% Future-Proof and Future-Ready


AI Powered Features

Flexible Data Model

Process Builder

Drag-and-Drop Builder

Ready to revolutionise your approach to CPS 230 Management?

Book a demo to see the full ReadiNow No-Code Digital Transformation Platform in action.

Let us guide you through the process for CPS 230 compliance.

  1. Conducting a CPS 230 gap analysis,
  2. Assist in preparing an action plan for compliance, and
  3. Implementing CPS 230 uplift program using technology.

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