Business Continuity Management

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Build, manage and align key industry regulations with your existing BCM framework and create a centralised, adaptable platform to improve decision-making and optimise investments.

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Origin Energy

Origin Energy

Business Impact Analysis

Protect your business operations, profitability and reputation with a single consolidated approach to effectively assess and identify critical processes and dependencies.  Simplify business continuity with powerful analytics that assess potential impacts and loss scenarios and develop effective recovery strategies.


Risk Assessments

Identify the risk scenarios affecting key business functions for which recovery strategies and business continuity plans should be developed.  Assess the organisation risk exposure, identify existing mitigating controls and determine their effectiveness. 

Resolve Audit Issues

Business Continuity Planning

Create a centralised, single source of truth that empowers you to create and manage plans that are ready to be invoked when a crisis emerges.  Effective business continuity, disaster recovery and crisis management plans are crucial for every organisation.


Crisis Management

Support effective decision-making and crisis response through automated workflow, plan activation, emergency notifications and messaging. Crisis information, response status and recovery action progress are available in real-time via desktops or mobile devices to ensure all stakeholders and personnel remain fully informed during the crisis event.

Crisis Management

Rehearsals and Testing

The success of managing a crisis is directly related to continual preparation, testing and review. Scheduling rehearsals and follow up actions are fully automated to assist line managers with this responsibility.

Rehearsals and Testing
“ReadiNow enables users to rapidly configure applications and workflows based on the organisations exact needs through an architecture that allows apps to be deployed seamlessly.”

Michael Rasmussen, Analyst GRC2020

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