Audit Management

Unlock the stories that your data and numbers reveal

Highlight undetected problems or the areas of the business that could be improved.

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Audit Planning

Efficient audit planning and audit management with a simple drag and drop interface.  Define and document audit objectives, quickly determine the audit engagement’s scope, determine and enforce the frequency and timelines of audit and assign auditors to audit engagements.

Action Plans Incident

Effective Automation

"Out of the box" capabilities make you immediately productive or create your own processes and workflows to suit your own audit requirements. 

Deploy an end-to-end methodology and approach from the risk control matrix to planning, scheduling audits, audit fieldwork, work paper review, audit report, through to audit remediation and issues management.


Effective Automation

Resolve Audit Issues

Drive more efficient outcomes by separating audit items into actionable entries and flexibly assign different audit items to specific owners.  IT audit issues can be linked to one or more remediation actions, driving simplification in remediation activities and efficiency in closing the individual items.

Resolve Audit Issues

Drive Accountability

Drive ownership and accountability across the business by leveraging the system’s ability to assign audit issues to individual owners. Workflow and notification capabilities, ensure that each audit issue is being addressed within the timeline and expectations set from the outset.

Drive Accountability

Demonstrate Compliance

Stay one step ahead of closing out the range of audit reports across the business. With real-time dashboards and reporting available, anywhere and anytime on desktop, mobile or tablet devices, business leaders are assured of the compliance and closeout of each audit report.

Demonstrate Compliance

"ReadiNow provides a responsive interface that allows GRC processes to be managed across devices. It enables users to control and manage GRC programs through mobile devices anywhere, anytime."


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