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Achieve SOCI Compliance Easily

ReadiNow is the only GRC software platform with a custom-built dedicated SOCI module.

Developed through collaboration with our clients across the 11 critical infrastructure sectors, the ReadiNow SOCI module simplifies compliance with SOCI's mandates with our integrated suite of tools, all built on our AI Powered No-Code Platform.

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 Real-Time Executive Dashboard

 Automated CIRMP Reporting

 Critical Incident Asset Register

 Security Incident Register

 Hazard Register

 Obligation Register

 Vulnerability Register 


Let us guide you through SOCI compliance

As an experienced provider in GRC and Cyber Security solutions, ReadiNow is working with regulated entities across the 11 critical infrastructure sectors to achieve full compliance with the SOCI requirements. ReadiNow can help by:

  • Conducting a SOCI gap analysis,
  • Assist in preparing an action plan for compliance, and
  • Implementing SOCI uplift program using technology.
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Complete Set of SOCI Modules

ReadiNow offers a fully integrated SOCI management solution enables you to effortlessly and consistently manage your SOCI requirements. This approach minimizes complexity, reduces risks significantly, and ensures you meet the mandated requirements. 

Harness the power of automation to effortlessly manage all your SOCI requirements
Executive-level Insights with real-time executive dashboards for SOCI Management and board reporting
Auto-generate compliance reports
Leverage no-code automation for effortless control of SOCI requirements
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soci dashboard

Real-Time Executive Dashboard

Gain a comprehensive view of your risk and compliance posture, automate manual processes, and increase efficiency in managing your regulatory obligations with ReadiNow’s AI powered no-code platform.

Manage all your SOCI requirements from a single dashboards
Real time analytics and autogenerated reports
Key Metrics from your assets on Incidents, Hazards, Obligations & Vulnerabilities
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Security Incident Register

The security incident register allows the initial reporting of any security incidents within the organisation, allocating ownership for investigation and remediation. Any incident that has a relevant impact on a critical infrastructure asset will be reported to the Regulatory Authority within the specified timeframe.

Report cyber security incident
Attach incident response plan
Conduct impact analysis
Determine root causes
Implement action plans


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Hazard Register

Address material risks that specific types of hazards pose to  critical assets across all four types of hazards mandated by SOCI, including cyber and information security, personnel, supply chain and physical security and natural hazards, and implement action plans to address them.

Identify hazard where there is a material risk
Mitigate the impact of hazard
Implement action plans
Auto-generate annual report


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Obligation Register

Track SOCI obligations and manage changes to SOCI requirements to ensure your organisation is aligned to meeting compliance objectives in real-time with powerful analytics assessing controls and compliance testing.

Define and manage your corporate obligations
Define compliance requirements link to an obligation
Track any regulatory changes and manage via reminders and alerts
Assess impact of regulation changes and implement actions / controls
Define control test and measure control effectiveness


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Vulnerability Register

ReadiNow's cyber security vulnerability module helps responsible entities identify ‘gaps’ in systems that expose them to particular types of cyber incidents and capture remediation plans to address those gaps.

Report and manage system vulnerabilities
Define different types of vulnerabilities
Assess impact of vulnerabilities
Implement remediation plans
 Prepare a vulnerability assessment report


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infristructure asset dash

Critical Infrastructure Asset Register

Maintain information relating to critical infrastructure assets in a centralised location and easily access all information required to be reported to the regulator.

Capture ownership and operational arrangement of critical infrastructure assets
Specify the interdependencies between assets
Understand the threat environment
Easy access of information in a centralised location for reporting with CISC
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All Built on our
No-Code Platform

Built on our proprietary AI Powered No-Code Platform, ReadiNow is a complete Digital Transformation Platform for GRC.

ReadiNow 's innovative GRC software is:
Faster to Deploy
Easier to Configure
100% Future-Proof and Future-Ready


AI Powered Features

Flexible Data Model

Process Builder

Drag-and-Drop Builder

Ready to revolutionise your approach to SOCI Management?

Book a demo to see the full ReadiNow digital transformation platform in action.

Let us guide you through the process for SOCI compliance.

  1. Conducting a SOCI gap analysis,
  2. Assist in preparing an action plan for compliance, and
  3. Implementing SOCI uplift program using technology.

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