Workplace Health and Safety

Ensure the safety of employees, contractors and third parties

Meet your duty of care with central integrated portal for management of workplace incidents and injuries.

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Incident Management

Efficiently ensure the safety of your employees, contractors and third parties, with a single source of truth. Real-time reports provide valuable insight into incident types and injury trends to proactively implement initiatives to reduce incident exposure, frequency and re-occurrence.

WHS_Incident Management

Inspections and Audits

Proactively identify WHS risks and non-conformance in the workplace.  Pre-defined survey templates and baseline questions are provided allowing organisations to customise surveys based on their industry and requirements.


Inspections and Audits

Action Plans

Capture and manage corrective and preventative actions to lower the likelihood of repeat occurrences and foster continuous improvement of safety, health and wellbeing within the workplace.

Action Plans Incident

Case Management

Provides a systematic investigative approach to the detailed identification, classification, and collection of evidence and witness statements associated with an incident to determine the root cause of the event.

Case Management

"ReadiNow provides a responsive interface that allows GRC processes to be managed across devices. It enables users to control and manage GRC programs through mobile devices anywhere, anytime."


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Analyst, GRC2020

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