Critical Infrastructure Report names Origin Energy as a best case example of business resilience.

origin energy

About Origin

As an electricity supplier to millions of Australians, maintaining critical business functions and reliable energy supply is a vital part of what Origin Energy do. They know they can’t afford to let their customers and communities down.

Origin Energy

Best case example of business resilience

Which is why they were so gratified to be used as a key case study in a recent NSW Government Report – NSW Critical Infrastructure Resilience Strategy – for best practice in building business continuity systems for increased organisational resilience.

In turn ReadiNow are proud of the role we played too. Our innovative automated cloud-based system, the world’s first 100% zero coding digital transformation platform, helped Origin enhance and future proof their business resilience process. Seamlessly adaptable with an organisations existing software, the platform helps organisations like Origin automate their Business Continuity Management (BCM) Plan.

The new system provides Origin with immediate visibility of preparedness and expected capability to respond to any interruption. By integrating and centralising their risk management framework into one central software platform, Origin are now better able to meet and protect the needs of their ever-growing organisation.

The new platform also allows better analysis and greater understanding of critical processes, including tolerable outage times. That’s because the centralised data gives Origin a more accurate picture of internal and external interdependencies and potential vulnerabilities – giving them a enterprise-wide view of diverse teams, business divisions and regions.

Origin is now expanding the system.

Origin is so happy with the new platform, they’re expanding the system to simplify and modernise Exercise and Incident Management. Actual interruptions will be managed online, using the system to access current continuity plans from any device, automate task management (e.g. recovery task allocation and completion tracking), share data in real-time, coordinate multiple events from one location, and track progress of multiple teams and plans at the same time.

As implementation continues and more data is captured and analysed, Origin can highlight areas for improvement, help develop strategies to minimise or close any gaps, and enhance capability to prepare for and respond to business interruptions.

Thus over time ReadiNow will continue to help Origin Energy increase their business resilience and help reduce supply interruptions even further, so Origin customers can continue to enjoy ‘good energy’.

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