Risk Management

Proactively manage and mitigate risk exposure

Streamline risk processes and drive accountability and ownership of risk across the organisation

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“Without this type of intelligent technology, we wouldn't be able to achieve a fully integrated risk management system”

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Enterprise Risk Management

Stay ahead of your operational risk management and your ever-changing risk profile in an increasingly risky and competitive world. Meet specific requirements and swiftly adapt to changing business processes and regulatory procedures. Empower decision-making at all levels with detailed reports of your key business insights and trend analysis.

User interface of Operational Risk Management showing an overview of the task schedule, risk status and the operational risk matrix.

Controls and Treatments

Using the controls and treatments capability, you can, on one-screen, identify the status, the priority, the estimated cost, whilst simultaneously reviewing the progress and tasks that are necessary to effectively manage the risks within the business appetite.

User interface of Controls Management showing due dates of controls, effectiveness, category and an overview of all controls.
User interface of the Loss Event Management section in the risk management software showing event types, status and activities.

Loss Event Management

Better manage incidents with a graphical representation of status and impact. Priorities and thresholds provide micro and macro visibility into operational impacts and enable root cause analysis, reinsurance flags and reportable losses to be managed more effectively.

User interface of Incident Management in risk management software showing due dates, incident by status, type and organisation.

Incident Management

Prioritise and simplify the incident management process with intelligent dashboards that report by line of business, status, type, criticality and severity.  Have access to incident capture, tracking, investigations and reporting through streamlined, automated workflows. 

An overview of the Case Management and fraud loss dashboard showing case status, case type and closure rate.

Case Management

Case management and fraud loss overview dashboards help you identify by category your gross loss, net loss and recoverable funds with intuitive tracking workflows and triggers from investigation event to case completion.

"ReadiNow provides a responsive interface that allows GRC processes to be managed across devices. It enables users to control and manage GRC programs through mobile devices anywhere, anytime."

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