OneVue now caters for tomorrow's risk today


About OneVue

OneVue is a diverse and innovative ASX listed company who are providers of outsourced services to the superannuation sector. Their entrepreneurial mission is to "disrupt the superannuation value chain."

With rapid growth in business acquisitions and revenue, OneVue has set a key priority to find world leading SaaS technology to support the effective and efficient management of risk across the group.


The Problem

With blue chip companies as clients, OneVue understood their risk environment and created a commercial strategy to attain and keep on top of how they manage risk.

They needed a solution that was aligned with their entrepreneurial vision, to challenge the status quo and raise the bar on how they manage risk.

The Goal

  • Ease of configuration. No need to rely on the vendor
  • Cost-effective
  • Evolve and adapt as the business grows
  • Stay ahead of industry regulating bodies and clients
  • Identify, manage and report on risks easier, faster and smarter

The Journey

After extensive due diligence and thorough evaluations of five top rated vendors, ReadiNow was selected.  As an emerging SaaS technology with inbuilt integration capabilities, it was an easy decision.  These are the key features that helped gain internal stakeholder buy-in

  • Built-in intelligence for GRC
  • On-shore cloud hosting
  • Highly configurable workflows
  • Real-time meaningful reporting
  • Configurable dashboards
  • Mobile access with real-time updates
  • Fast speed to deployment
  • Ease of use for staff
  • Development pathways for the whole organisation (i.e. legal & HR)
  • Empowers us with self-sufficiency

Besides the financial benefits gained, there are many non-financial benefits such as;

  • Assurance and comfort for clients, aiding new client sales and client retention
  • Ability to meet requirements for industry regulating bodies and clients ahead of time
  • Ability to identify, manage and report on risks easier, faster and smarter
  • A workflow process that will produce automation, standardisation and staff time efficiency

Our journey included:

  • Configure, build with data migration and deployment in just 6 weeks
  • A group-wide launch to over 200 staff for incident management, compliance obligations business continuity, corporate operations and risk profiling
  • A complete enterprise risk management portfolio rollout
  • Exploring additional development pathway for other areas of the business including legal


The Result

ReadiNow enables us to cater for tomorrow's risks and challenges and we're excited with the possibilities for innovation.  Risk should be everyone's business and that requires unique intelligent software that can provide better management and efficient for industry regulations, including major bodies like APRA, ASIC, OAIC and the ATO.

ReadiNow can help drive the efficient management of industry regulations across Governance, Risk and Compliance.

Deployment Time
Staff Launch
Possibilities for Innovation
“ReadiNow is a system that stood out.  It is truly a complete GRC out-of-the-box solution that is configurable and can diversify across our company.”


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