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Integrated Governance, Risk & Compliance Management Solutions

IT Disaster Recovery Management

Respond quickly to incidents and technology disruptions with a click of a button.  Maintain a single-source-of-truth by synchronising IT Application/Service information from external sources.
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Audit Management

Unlock the stories that the data is telling you.  Shine a spotlight on the problems that might otherwise go undetected.
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IT Risk Management

Identify, analyse, and mitigate IT risks. Transform raw risk data into actionable intelligence with real-time views of risks across the entire enterprise.
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Business Continuity Management

Improve decision-making, optimize investments, eliminate silos and effectively assist all organizational objectives.
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Vendor Risk Management

Manage and control vendor costs, contracts, relationships and performance anywhere, anytime.
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Operational Risk Management

Stay ahead of your ever-changing risk profile in an increasingly competitive and risky world. 

Empower decision-making at all levels with detailed reports.
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Corporate Compliance

Do away with the hassle of spreadsheets and paper-based processes and cut the time needed to identify and implement organization-wide compliance changes. 
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Workplace Health & Safety

View and report in real-time on action plans, incidents, hazards, inspections, audits and case management in a centralised and integral portal, while you're having a cup of coffee.
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Incident Management

Identify affected people, process and systems; establish what led to the incident, and create and delegate the appropriate actions required to resolve and close the incident.
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Business Process Solutions

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Produce accurate, real-time updates to help generate sales revenue and have a system that evolves with your business as your customer base continues to grow.
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Human Capital Management (HCM)

Increase HR efficiency and streamline engagements with your employees with complete transparency and accurate real-time updates.
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Project Tracking

Manage a project from end to end. Define requirements, set milestones and track time spent on a project.

Contracts Management

Say goodbye to manual filing cabinets, lists and spreadsheets.  Manage a single point of truth for all internal, customer and supplier contracts. 
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Service Desk

Provide every customer with 5-star service, in a user-friendly and cost-effective manner. Manage internal workflows and use real-time analytics and notifications to support a successful service desk team.
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Incident Management

Report and manage incidents instantly via automated workflows and notifications to ensure timely response and resolution.
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Custom Apps

Automate any business requirement with no coding.  Fill the gaps.
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Future Proof Your Business

With a platform that evolves as your business evolves.

Configurable Forms

Automate Business Rules

Analytics & Dashboards

Email and SMS Alerts

Custom Reporting

Instantly Mobile Ready


Robust Security

Document Generation

Workflow Automation

"ReadiNow is an agile, scalable, and extensible architecture that enables the enterprise to seamlessly scale up, and support new applications and processes to meet changing organizational needs."

Michael Rasmussen


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