Human Capital Management

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Increase HR efficiency and streamline employee engagement with technology that covers life cycles from recruitment and on-boarding to leave and expense management.

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Recruiting and On-boarding

Make the employee recruitment, interview and on-boarding experience simple and effective. Streamline your processes, tasks and activities with an HCM application that uses intelligent technology to produce smooth on-boarding experiences.


Expense Management

Your expense claim process will be streamlined and automated to empower employees with self-service expense management. Produce configurable workflows, accurate analytics and reports for your HCM team and upper management.



Leave Management

Automate and configure your employee leave applications and approvals processes with intelligent technology that enables the team to have transparent visibility for employee annual leave. Your teams can see ‘who’s away’ in real-time and managers can have real-time visibility of reports.


“ReadiNow enables users to rapidly configure applications and workflows based on the organisations exact needs through an architecture the allows apps to be deployed seamlessly.”


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