Operational Risk Management

ReadiNow empowers organisations of all sizes to stay ahead of their ever-changing risk profile in a world that is becoming increasingly competitive and risky. Meet specific requirements and adapt to changing business processes and regulatory procedures as needed. Deliver detailed reports of your key business insights with analytics, trend analysis and multi-access visibility that empowers decision-making at all levels.

enterprise risk

Enterprise Risk

Identify enterprise level risks in a ‘top-down’ approach that impact the business and stakeholders. Own clear visibility of the ‘roll-up’ monitoring of risks across your entire organisation. Automate, control and manage your risk posture via intelligent business aligned dashboards.

Controls and Treatments

Using the controls and treatments capability, managers can identify the status, priority and the estimated cost, whilst simultaneously reviewing the progress and tasks that are necessary to effectively manage the risks within your appetite all on one screen.

controls and treatments


Powerful analytics drive the Assessment Campaigns, Risk and Control Assessments (RCSA) and Control Assessments (CSA) to deliver deep and meaningful risk intelligence for better decision-making across your entire organisation.

Loss Event Management

Loss Event Management provides a graphical representation of status and impact, to better manage incidents. Priorities and thresholds provide micro and macro visibility into operational impacts and enable root cause analysis, reinsurance flags and reportable losses to be managed more effectively.

loss event management
incident management

Incident Management

Have access to incident capture, tracking, investigations and reporting through streamlined, automated workflows. Intelligent dashboards graphically report incidents by line of business, status, type, criticality and severity to assist managers in prioritising and simplifying the incident management process.

Case Management

Case management and fraud loss overview dashboards help you identify by category your gross loss, net loss and recoverable funds with intuitive tracking workflows and triggers from investigation event to case completion.

case management


Workflow alerts nominated personnel when there is a crisis requiring your attention. Your continuity and IT management plans can be activated when invoked with a click to trigger workflows, pre-defined tasks and plans.

Key Performance Management

KPIs are critical predictors of unfavourable events that can adversely impact upon your organisation. KRIs, KCIs and KPIs enable managers to monitor with trigger alerts when thresholds are trending to limits or are inadvertently breached.

key performancd management
Powerful business
intelligence analytics

Transform the way you use data. Spend less time gathering data and more time analysing it.


Intelligent automation with ReadiNow means existing and new industry regulations are automatically embedded into your existing compliance framework.


Collaborate. Empower your employees with the latest technology at their fingertips in real time.


Be Resilient. ReadiNow Intelligent Engine Technology utilises the latest in end-to-end encryption for all your data.


Scale. ReadiNow is new cloud architecture. Get technology that grows as you grow.

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