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Driving Your Digital Transformation Ideas to Outcomes


Over half of the companies on the Fortune 500 have disappeared since the year 2000 as tabled at the World Economic Forum, and the main reason being lack of digital transformation within organizations. Every company needs to become a software and analytics company to stay ahead.

Change in consumer driven digitization of industries, large scale integration of supply chains, IOT connecting physical and digital worlds, extensive use of AI, big data and analytics, together with development of new digital platforms is creating fragmentation. Whilst the emergence of cloud gave us access to data everywhere, it also created multiple cloud platforms in silos, leaving us with volumes of data, with no single source of truth.

ReadiNow’s DX as a Service, empowers businesses to manage structured data from multiple cloud platforms to a single view and fosters collaboration. Users can now create and extend new business transformation solutions in minutes, with new ideas, new methods, new business models instantly that can easily be deployed in real time to any device, anywhere, with No-code. This empowers organizations to become the disrupter rather being disrupted.

The ReadiNow DX as a Service (DXaaS) provides end-to-end transparency over business processes, facilitating optimized decision-making. This results in new ways of creating value with novel business models. It also provides Enterprises, Government, mid-market, SMEs and start-ups with the opportunity to develop and provide innovative downstream services, with No-code.

Why settle for low-code when smart companies are using no-code ReadiNow RIE technology to disrupt before being disrupted. They are maximizing the benefit of digitally transforming their organizations to achieve operational excellence, ensure governance, risk and compliance processes in place, and empowering their employees to innovate and engage with customers in a whole new way to lead their industries.

Customer Engagement

Engage your clients more effectively with better data to make fast decisions drive up revenue, customer loyalty and growth.

Operational Excellence

Remove siloed data and legacy systems that impede organizational agility by creating intelligent reports that turn your data into actionable insights.

Employee Innovation

Empower your employees with easy to use RIE Technology that enable them to embrace change, innovate and build their own apps.

Integrated Governance Risk & Compliance

Govern your business responsibly, work within risk appetites and get visibility to help you comply with regulations.


Your organisation by creating applications perfectly suited as your business evolves

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