Document Engine

Automatically generate beautiful, printable plans and documents

Collate interconnected records, generate bespoke Word documents with a simplified mail-merge style.

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“ReadiNow enables users to rapidly configure applications and workflows based on the organisations exact needs through an architecture the allows apps to be deployed seamlessly.”


Michael Rasmussen

Document Calculations

Easily set user-defined calculations to generate tables or lists and define your own documents. You can have numerous calculations performed over the data and across the platform, set conditions to generate preferred sections and trust your generated documents are archived into the document library for future access.

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Types of Documents

Let ReadiNow's analytics engine drive your Assessment Campaigns, Risk and Control Assessments (RCSA) and Control Assessments (CSA). Deliver comprehensive and actionable intelligence for optimised decision-making across your entire organisation.


Key Performance Management

Identify, flag and investigate potential events that can adversely impact your organisation.

Monitor your Key Risk Indicators, and Key Performance Indicators to empower your managers like never before. Automate alerts when thresholds are trending towards limits or when they are breached. The choice is yours. 

"We can now simplify, streamline and automate our business continuity management system."
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