ReadiNow Awarded for Continued Innovation in Continuity & Resilience

June 28, 2021

2021 BCI APAC Innovation award

ReadiNow has been recognized for their continued innovation in the resilience community and is once again awarded the BCI APAC Award for ‘Continuity & Resilience Innovation’ at the 2021 BCI APAC Awards ceremony for the third time.

The ReadiNow Business Continuity Management solution is a software (SaaS) product harnessing the powerful Readinow Platform (PaaS) which enables clients to customise their own workflows and adapt the platform as their business changes with drag and drop functionality and powerful built-in features.

ReadiNow’s latest improvements earning them the award for ‘Continuity and Resilience Innovation’ include several new patents that allow novel ways of managing complex security and relationship data in large enterprise clients.

“ReadiNow’s newly patented 'Entity Security System', addresses this issue and allows a dynamic analysis of permissions based on information from HR systems or other data,” explains Darren Jacobs, ReadiNow’s Technical Business Solutions Director. “This means that rules can apply to automatically grant or disable access to specific business continuity information for each individual person.”

Further enhancing this solution, ReadiNow has earned an additional patent,  'Methods Generating Electronic Documents'  where the system can use the permissions information to generate up to the minute Business Continuity Plans with information specific for a given user or department.

ReadiNow’s Business Continuity Management Solution is simplified with powerful analytics assessing potential impacts, loss scenarios helping to develop effective recovery strategies and deliver advanced reports. The ReadiNow continuity and resilience solution makes it simpler for business’ to protect their business operations, resources and reputation with the automated notification system and alerts, mobile accessibility tools and templates.

Continually investing in research and development for the Business Continuity Management solution, ReadiNow plans to continue to develop and enhance their Platform as a Service (PaaS). The ReadiNow Business Continuity solution is part of the integrated GRC suite of digital transformation products, which continue to grow and evolve in their feature sets and ability to dominate as the preferred Business Continuity Solution for their clients.

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