How Business Continuity Management (BCM) can help drive digital transformation

Darren Jacobs
December 19, 2019

Digital transformation has become a major focus and challenge for organisations all over the globe. In fact, over 80% of the world's leading corporations now list it as a major part of their ongoing strategic plan and large budgets are going towards transforming their businesses and making them more digitally innovative and future proof.

But what if we were to tell you that an area not normally regarded as transformational could actually hold the key? What if an innovative new approach to building more resilient Business Continuity could, in the process, also help you digitally transform your business?

The new model in BCM

As important as Business Continuity is, it's never been considered to be at the cutting edge. Many companies still take a paper and pen approach, using business continuity tools in an isolated department-by-department fashion. At the enterprise level especially, organisations are heavily reliant on leaders at the business unit level to monitor, assess and manage threats. It makes it virtually impossible for executives to construct a company-wide view spanning all the different parts of the business - an essential ingredient for fast response in a crisis.

62% of CROs and CEOs say it’s becoming increasingly important for BCM to expand beyond the old approach and move to more innovative cloud-based solutions, where information, data and processes are integrated into one system available to everyone in the organisation. They see that it's the only way to respond quickly, cohesively and effectively to crisis and threats.

But when you start talking about company-wide integrated systems, that eliminate business silos, well you're effectively talking about Digital Transformation. It's the foundation that lies at its very core.

Your chance to drive the Digital transformation agenda

This is why BCM executives everywhere actually have a unique opportunity. An opportunity to drive through corporate roadblocks and use BCM to leverage more budget. Because by improving your Business Continuity processes and resilience – vital in today's complex digital business environment with it's ever-present threats – you are also effectively putting all the building blocks in place for your organisation to digitally transform itself.

It's the digital transformation journey you can trust. One that could save your organisation big money and help you secure the budget to build a more agile, resilient, company-wide BCM solution too.

So if you're looking for a more innovative, future-proof solution, look no further than the ReadiNow integrated platform. To experience the future of BCM today, chat with one of our friendly representatives by booking a demo at or call us on 1800 153 153.


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