4 reasons why you should reduce silos with technology

Darren Jacobs
September 11, 2017

Legacy IaaS technology systems were originally developed to meet departmental needs in business. Now innovative SaaS systems create robust integration, enterprise-wide. So why have many enterprises continued to be loyal to legacy systems and not made the shift to intelligent integrated software, in the cloud? Have you worked for a business where every department utilised silo systems; each manager produced their monthly board reports manually, and it felt like it took the whole month to compile the board reports? Department managers felt responsible, had control and were protective of their data. While large organisations call for specialisation, it appears silos can be counterproductive, slowing down information flow within the business processes. “Information silos and poor risk management have cost global banks billions, writes Gillian Tett, U.S. managing editor, and columnist at the Financial Times. Banks had the most expensive failure. As Tett describes, gigantic financial companies were split into so many different departments, or silos, the leaders who were supposed to be running the groups did not understand what their traders were doing.” Regardless of your business size, here are four reasons for why you should reduce silos across your enterprise. utilising SaaS technology.

1. Gain a competitive edge in business and deliver a supreme customer experience (CX)

In this day-and-age, your CX focus should be on establishing and optimizing customer experiences that span from face-to-face interactions to convenient digital experiences. An innovative SaaS platform can provide integration across your business; from HR to Risk and Compliance; Sales to your CRM. Enterprises that use integrated technology minimise silos and increase the flow of business information across their business.

2. Minimise costs and reliance on vendors

When you reduce infrastructure, you save money.  If you minimise vendor labour expenses, vendor dependence and in-house IT staff, and engage a new SaaS model that can integrate across your whole business and evolve with you; in turn, you will begin to reduce your costs.

3. Produce monthly reports with ease

Manual processes are minimised, saving valuable time and enabling you to meet your management requirements with ease.  Simplifying your reporting and producing beautiful reports is made easy with innovative technology.

4. Secure mobile access, 24/7 on any device, anywhere.

Having a flexible and mobile business can help increase revenue, staff productivity, staff retention and future-proof your business. With 24/7 access on any device, you will be two steps ahead for any incident risk that could occur and stay ahead of competitors who operate 9am-5pm. Is your company facing any of these challenges because of information silos: reduced clarity of vision; time-consuming manual reporting; reduced collaboration; or an inability to make timely decisions? Deploying an innovative SaaS platform will help you to create a culture that is no longer bound by these constraints. Click here for a free health check and to receive a free live demo.


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