What is True No-Code?

January 20, 2023

You have probably heard the words ‘no code’ recently, but what does it actually mean? In short, no-code software allows business users to configure applications without the need to understand any programming language, instead, via a drag-and-drop or point-and-click interface. This has the benefit of:

  • No requirement for specialist developers to deliver a solution
  • More cost-effective means of configuring changes, as less reliance on specific vendors or skillsets
  • Ability to quickly adapt to changing requirements
  • Increases the suitability and longevity of software within a business as applications can evolve as business requirements evolve

However, much like the words “Agile” or “Cloud” the word “no-code” has become somewhat overused, almost anything can pass as ‘no code’ these days.

So we have put together this overview so you can cut through the marketing noise, and understand what a true no-code platform feature looks like. Let’s take an example of a Risk Management application and see how no-code can help.

Field Changes

Ok, let’s start simple. Typical applications come out of the box with standard set of fields. However, data required by various companies differ, therefore you need to be able to add/remove data capture fields, choose which are mandatory or read-only, set validation, and other settings.

ReadiNow has a drag-and-drop form builder that allows business users to add/remove a range of field types on ANY of the data capture forms.

Adding Fields GIF

Ability to create new Data Sets

The next level up is not only to add or remove fields from existing forms but the ability to create completely new data sets that relate to your use cases. For example, you may need to record a list of vehicles to do Risk Assessments on. This is a non-typical use case for a Risk Management solution, and you would not normally find ‘Vehicles Register’ in a risk management application.

In ReadiNow, we call these new data sets ‘objects’ , and you have the ability to create new objects to suit any kind of information you wish to capture.

New Object GIF


The next thing we need to consider is the ability to create relationships between these data sets or objects. Adding relationships is important as its binds business data together and gives it meaning and context. “Risk can link to many controls” is an example of a relationship. There are times when you require to create new relationships between data sets that may not be standard out of the box. For example, you may want a “Risk” to relate to many “Complaint” items so that you can link your risk management solution with your complaints management solution to provide meaning and context. It is also equally important to be able to choose the type of relationship (e.g. one to one, one to many or many-to-many)

In ReadiNow, you can create relationships between any data sets (or objects) with a point-and-click, and set relationship properties with just some configuration.

Relationship GIF

Reports, Analytics & Dashboards

The ability for business users to undertake their own analytics and create reports, charts and dashboards is a must-have requirement. You don’t know what kinds of reports or charts you will need in the future, and products that have non-configurable charts, hard-coded reports, or rely on third parties for dashboards and analytics, will almost inevitably make users fall back to excel eventually.

ReadINow allows you to create any report, chart or dashboard on the fly. With the ReadINow built-in Report builder and analytics builder, you can query and set of data within your system and display it how you need it. Therefore future proofing for any reporting requirements.

Analytics GIF

Digitise Business Processes’ & Approvals

Implementing end-to-end processes’ that match your internal business rules is key to the success of any software solution. When considering the capabilities of a product, it’s important to understand any hidden complexity of your business processes such as escalations, parallel approvals, and special conditions that need to be considered (e.g. critical risks must go to CRO for approval). When looking at no-code products, it’s important to evaluate whether this complexity is possible with the tools available.

ReadiNow has a built-in ‘process builder’ that allows visual configuration of simple to complex business processes in one end-to-end flow.

Process GIF

Mobile Access

Whether undertaking reviews and approvals from your phone or completing a risk assessment on a tablet, users are increasingly undertaking work on mobile devices. It’s not only important just to have ‘access’ from mobile devices, but True no code solutions also allow configurable experiences for each form factor to create the ideal experience for your users.

ReadiNow page builder automatically creates layouts for each device form factor and then allows administrators to tailor the experience on each form factor, and also device what parts of the software can be deployed on desktop, mobile and tablet.

Mobile GIF

Data Transformation and Automation

This is where the real benefit of ‘True no code’ comes to fruition. A key reason for using software in any business is to increase automation and reduce manual effort. Any manual process, input or action that is done repetitively is a candidate for automation. And because these requirements may evolve, it’s important to have a ‘no code’ capability in implementing automation rules on anything. For example, if an incident occurs because of a control failure you may need to:

  1. Automatically email the control owner
  2. Generate an incident report
  3. Set the control and related risks to ‘review required’
  4. Start the review process

ReadiNow has a no-code workflow engine that can implement any automation rule as and when they are required, to truly implement real automation in your process’

Workflow GIF

So now you understand not only what no-code is, but also the depths to which a ‘true no-code platform should be able to be configurable to genuinely deliver on requirements and truly be future-proofed. This overview provides only a few examples of how ReadiNow can be utilised to add value, to find out more, book a demo today.

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