ReadiNow Granted 13th Patent, Reinforcing Its Position as a Global Leader in Enterprise Workflow Automation

September 11, 2023


[Sydney, Australia, 11th September 2023] - ReadiNow is excited to announce the recent grant of its 13th patent.  

The newly awarded patent, "State-Based Query Mechanism over an Entity-Relationship Database”, is a new core component called the “Entity Info Service” service which allows web-based client modules to request networks (graphs) of interconnected entities from a front-end web server.

The benefit of this patent to the users provides an easy query method, where a user can cut through large amounts of data to retrieve the specific data required with speed and agility.  
This groundbreaking invention covers the definition and processing of a query language to support these requests using the new Entity Request Parser, as well as a mechanism for efficiently transforming these requests to a format that can be forwarded on to the back-end database without involving multiple network trips.

When deployed as part of ReadiNow’s market-leading no-code GRC platform, this innovation gives ReadiNow users the advantage of being able to leverage search queries to remove the risk of human error by going directly to a data entry, without time wastage through manual search.

For ReadiNow’s clients dealing with large datasets with several layers of complex interdependencies, this has wide-ranging potential to improve their ability to search through large amounts of data, surface relevant entries, and plot measures such as incidents against their full records of interconnected entities.

This 13th Patent stands as a testament to ReadiNow's ongoing dedication to revolutionising the field of Visual Graphical Workflow Automation and Data Management. This patented technology adds to the impressive portfolio of ReadiNow's patented technologies that have transformed businesses across industries.

This milestone exemplifies the company's unwavering commitment to innovation to delivering cutting-edge solutions to its clients so that they stay ahead of their industry with best-in-class automation.  

Chief Product Officer Darren Jacobs commented on this achievement, saying, "ReadiNow's commitment to innovation has been a driving force behind our success. This 13th patent represents not only our relentless dedication to improving workflow automation but also our promise to our clients. We are honoured to be a trusted partner in their digital transformation journey and delighted to be able to bring innovations like this to the product that help improve processes, increase efficiency and ensure reliability in their data systems."

ReadiNow's innovative solutions have already been embraced by leading organisations in Finance, Utilities, Healthcare, and more. With this latest patent, ReadiNow reinforces its position as a market leader and continues to set the standard for excellence in workflow automation.

About ReadiNow

ReadiNow is a global leader in providing AI powered Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions to enterprise-level organisations. Our end-to-end complete suite of solutions includes Business Continuity Management, Corporate Compliance, Enterprise Risk Management, Corporate Governance, Vendor Management, Audit Management, Workplace, Health and Safety (WHS), IT Disaster Recovery and much more. 

The ReadiNow AI powered GRC platform enables unprecedented speed of implementation with the patented no-code platform that empowers businesses to evolve their solutions as the organisation evolves. 

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