ReadiNow Launches NOVA UI

February 6, 2024

[Sydney, Australia, 6th February 2024] ReadiNow, a global leader in Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) solutions, is excited to announce the launch of ReadiNow Nova, a groundbreaking enhancement to its digital transformation platform. Nova represents not just an evolution, but a revolution in user interface and user experience (UI/UX) design, meticulously crafted to meet the dynamic needs of modern businesses. 

A Comprehensive Digital Transformation Platform

Over the years, ReadiNow has firmly established itself as a frontrunner in providing innovative GRC solutions. Beyond being a GRC specialist, ReadiNow is a comprehensive digital transformation platform that connects disparate departments, synchronizes workflows, unifies communication channels, and fosters collaboration. This broader perspective allows businesses to experience a holistic transformation by leveraging the power of the ReadiNow platform. 

ReadiNow is now taken to another level with the release this brand interface. ReadiNow Nova is not just a UI update, but a complete re-think of our users experience to ensure ease of use and greater front line user engagement. 

With the introduction of ReadiNow Nova, ReadiNow is taking a significant step forward in redefining how organisations interact with GRC platforms. Nova serves as a transformative layer that enhances the overall digital transformation journey. It enables businesses not only to efficiently manage risk, ensure compliance, and streamline governance processes but also to fill critical application gaps that may exist within their operational landscape. 

“The launch of Nova underscores ReadiNow’s unwavering dedication to advancing innovation and setting benchmarks in the GRC domain,” remarks Darren Jacobs, Chief Product Officer at ReadiNow. “With Nova, we envision a paradigm shift in how businesses leverage our platform, transcending GRC management to unlock the full potential of ReadiNow platform as a comprehensive digital transformation platform. This isn't just about making GRC more efficient; it's about empowering our clients to embark on a transformative journey facilitated by our no-code platform and advanced AI tools." 

Enhanced Modern Navigational Interface for Seamless Transformation

Nova brings to the forefront a sleek, modern navigational interface that is both uncluttered and intuitively easy to use. Transitioning from the Classic screens and toolbox menu items, Nova introduces 'Pages' and the 'Nova Page Builder.' These elements are designed to enhance the end user experience significantly, introducing an array of components that streamline operations and improve interaction. 

screenshot 1
   The ReadiNow Nova UI provides a modern and simple interface to engage users.

screenshot 2
   New components are now able to be added to forms for richer experiences. 

Solving Real-World User Challenges for Holistic Transformation

At the core of Nova's design philosophy is its focus on resolving real-world challenges faced by end users. From updating the aesthetics to modern standards, simplifying complex processes with intuitive multistep forms, to reducing the number of necessary clicks for tasks, Nova addresses these issues head-on. This approach ensures that users are not only comfortable with the interface but are also able to execute tasks with greater efficiency and less frustration.

Nova Page Builder: A Game-Changer for Builders

End-users and implementation managers of the ReadiNow platform are set to benefit immensely from the Nova Page Builder. The new Nova Pages allow unparrelleled flexibility in no-code UI design, with key features include new layouts for quick creation of professional designs, the ability to switch between desktop, tablet, and mobile views, advanced filtering options, and component binding for dynamic and interactive user experiences. 

screenshot 3
   The new ReadiNow Nova page builder provides a significant leap in flexibility for administrators. 

Immediate Availability for Enhanced Business Operations and Filling the “App Gap”

Developed throughout 2023, with a successful beta phase in its later half, Nova is now available to all new and existing ReadiNow clients. This new UI provides administrators with a suite of advanced customization tools, enhancing the already robust data infrastructure of ReadiNow without compromising on power or flexibility. 

Nova's introduction marks a significant step in filling the application gap within businesses. Its advanced UI capabilities complement the ReadiNow platform's objective of connecting departments, synchronizing workflows, and unifying communication channels. This no-code platform empowers businesses to rapidly adapt and respond to emerging challenges, creating scalable, secure online systems that seamlessly fill critical application gaps.  

ReadiNow's Global Patents: Paving the Way for Nova's Innovation

ReadiNow's commitment to leading-edge innovation in digital transformation is exemplified by its portfolio of 14 global patents, a cornerstone that has paved the way for the development of Nova. These patents, encompassing advancements in no-code platform capabilities, AI-driven analytics, and automated risk management processes, have been instrumental in shaping Nova's groundbreaking features. They represent not only ReadiNow's prowess in technology development but also their dedication to delivering solutions that are at the forefront of digital transformation and GRC. 

The introduction of Nova is a direct reflection of these patented technologies at work. By incorporating the very essence of these innovations, Nova offers an unparalleled user experience, blending advanced no-code functionality with intelligent automation and analytics. This integration demonstrates how ReadiNow is not just responding to the evolving demands of digital transformation but actively driving the industry forward, ensuring that clients have access to a platform that is not only robust and compliant but also intuitively aligned with the future of business operations. 

To see the full ReadiNow platform in action, get in touch with a member of the team to book a demo.

About ReadiNow: 

ReadiNow is a global leader in providing AI powered Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions to enterprise-level organisations. Our end-to-end complete suite of solutions includes Business Continuity Management, Corporate Compliance, Enterprise Risk Management, Corporate Governance, Vendor Management, Audit Management, Workplace Health and Safety (WHS), IT Disaster Recovery, Cyber Solutions, and much more.  

The ReadiNow AI powered GRC platform enables unprecedented speed of implementation with the patented no-code platform that empowers businesses to evolve their solutions as the organisation evolves. 

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