Looking At The Big Picture In Cyber Security

Darren Jacobs
April 23, 2021

If one is to become a true pioneer of risk management and cybersecurity, one must embrace a broader point of view of cybersecurity — the bigger picture.

A sophisticated integrated architecture can enable service providers to overcome the competition between cyber hackers and criminals against the latest in cybersecurity.

When ReadiNow attends internet security conferences globally, it brings to light how agile and rapid the world of cyber risk security is growing in the digital age. The sheer amount of vendors at these events have increased tenfold in our 20+ years experience in governance, risk and compliance. It feels as though there is exponential growth yearly. Ultimately, this is hugely positive for the entire community at large. At the end of the day, our objective is to minimise risks for organisations and be on the positive side of history.

If we consider annual reports from global business intelligence partners and participants that take into account how an enterprise is now utilising a range of security technology throughout, we often see IT security within larger enterprise organisations, two out of three enterprise use more than four security products to manage their risk. Some go to the extent to use more than 50 different vendors.

This is understandable though, getting cybersecurity wrong for any enterprise or SMB, especially when these companies capture critical customer data. It's no surprise corporations are investing, and so they should be.

Research suggests that organisations that are a critical victim of an attack lose substantial business opportunities and the overall losses are a significant majority of the time.

Thankfully, vendors and service providers generally always give a lot of attention to cybersecurity and risk. However, the challenge is that the more different products, services and vendors enterprise bring onboard, the more complex and challenging it can be to manage an optimal operation of these systems. Thereby getting the most value from each. The key challenge for service providers is to ensure both their organisational controls and customer are up-to-date with the latest in threat detection and prevention, without losing control.

Cyber integration must be simple

When simplifying your cybersecurity integration, it's vital to take a more strategic approach. There are multiple security solutions that provide both agile and quality controls. As well as the necessary enterprise requirements to bring this all into an integrated framework.

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