Business Continuity Planning in the Transport and Logistics Industry

Implement a robust business continuity plan during business disruptions

BCP Transport

The transport and logistics sector is the backbone of our economy and it is essential that operations be maintained. The current pandemic has affected logistics and transportation networks with border closures, changing consumer demands and new regulatory restrictions forcing unprecedented changes.

In such scenarios, ensuring you have an effective business continuity plan is critical. It will provide a structured way to ensure continued operations for your customers. Moreover, it will also allow you to analyse critical components of your business to ensure continuity in the wake of a major disruption.

In this on-demand webinar, we have covered how to analyse the critical components of your business and how to plan for interruption using a robust business continuity plan.

What you will learn

  • What is business continuity management in relation to transport and logistics sector.
  • Importance of having a business continuity plan.
  • What are the key steps in preparing a business continuity plan.
  • How to activate a business continuity plan.
  • Technology that can assist with business continuity planning.

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