A CIO’s Top 5 IT Innovation Software Tools

Darren Jacobs
February 8, 2018

You want to focus your energy on your long-term vision and corporate objectives.

This is why Intelligent Innovation Software Tools are so crucial to Chief Information Officers right now.

With a breakthrough in smart technologies, tools are available to help your team predict events instead of having to deal with crises as they occur.

5 IT Innovation Software  Tools That Will Make Your Job as CIO so Much Easier


ReadiNow offers enterprise-level systems designed to streamline Chief Information Officer workloads. They allow you to focus less on problems and more on the big picture.

“It kept track of progress, even predicting which RTO would be hit, which would be missed. It eliminated the possibility of human error.” - Executive GM, Banking Sector

1. IT Disaster Recovery Management Intelligent Software Tool


Disaster recovery doesn’t have to be a disaster.

If prior to stepping into your role as Chief Information Officer, your company had poor to non-existent disaster recovery plans, you have probably seen the carnage first-hand.

A server gets hacked, or a key hard drive goes down, and it causes a chain reaction of IT gridlock in the company. The management of the crisis is inefficient and the IT system downtime excruciatingly long.

An Intelligent IT Disaster Recovery Management Innovation Software looks at all the variables to create a system that can get you back up and operational as quickly as possible when disaster hits. It also allows for every relevant stakeholder to play a role from crisis identification to management and recovery with multi-platform integration. This means all employees can collaborate in real-time to understand the crisis and how to recover from it in the most effective manner.

This Intelligent software can include data integration that synchronizes IT Application/Service information from external and internal sources. It can also provide real-time access to Recovery Time and Point Objectives (RTO and RPO) for all of your crucial IT assets. This means that predetermined incident response protocols can be accessed with a simple push of a button.

Finally, the capability to perform regular disaster recovery rehearsals is available, along with individual component testing. Pre-testing and rehearsals allow you to understand the gaps in your recovery strategies and fix them before the crisis actually occurs. Intelligent IT recovery software allows your employees to operate with full confidence in their work processes, increasing productivity and efficiency.

2. IT and Security Risk Management Intelligent Software Tool


As the Chief Information Officer, If you can’t see what’s going on with your technology, it’s much harder to prevent or diagnose problems.

IT and Security Risk Management Innovation Software improves by leaps and bounds when you have 360-degree real-time views of risks, from individual up to organizational level.

A comprehensive reporting system transforms sophisticated analytics and data into actionable intelligence, empowering your employees with the information they need to know.

3. Incident Management Intelligent Software Tool


When an incident happens, as the Chief Information Officer, do you have a system in place to track and resolve it?

If not, then you won’t be able to easily identify the patterns indicating a weak IT infrastructure.

With the Incident Management Intelligent Software, your staff can record, track, and resolve issues with a full audit trail. This way, you’d know who did what, when, what worked, and what didn’t. Accountability means identification of IT failure is more efficient, leading to faster recovery times.

With a powerful investigation module, you can perform root cause analysis quickly and comprehensively.

4. Communication & Notification Intelligent Software Tool


Effective team communication these days must involve a transparent and reliable electronic communications system.

With native support for bi-directional communication capabilities (SMS and email), your team can always be in contact in real-time.

Notifications are built-in and can be integrated into automated business processes such as approval requests, escalations, and delegations.

5. Business Continuity Management Intelligent Software Tool


With a centralized repository to manage people, processes, and data, you can be better informed in decision-making and strategizing.

The ability to quickly identify and assess areas that need improvement can transform a business.

With a Workflow Engine, you can manage plans effectively and easily.

ReadiNow provides an entire suite of Intelligent Innovation Software IT tools to make your business thrive. Contact us today for a consultation for individual Innovation Tools or a Packaged Suite.

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