Achieve Peace of Mind Automate your compliance

Webinar with ReadiNow and LexisNexis

Understanding what it takes to keep your business compliant can be daunting. Maintaining compliance across changing regulations, policies, licence requirements and obligations is a complex web and if not done correctly, will expose your to business to significant risk. That's enough to keep anyone up at night!

What if you could put a system in place to automate this compliance and ensure you are always up to date with latest changes? That would be true peace of mind.

ReadiNow and LexisNexis have partnered to provide you with this exact solutions. With LexisNexis legal obligation register and alerting solution, you are provided with expertly curated alerts and obligation information. This is then automatically fed into the ReadiNow which allows you to automate measuring this compliance across your business that is easily adaptable to your specific business.

What you will learn

  • The importance of staying up to date with regulatory changes
  • How to identify compliance gaps in your organisation
  • Outline how LexisNexis tracks and monitors the volume of change by regulator
  • Showcase the ‘Enhanced Content Set’ and will outline how this content links regulator mandates back to obligations
  • How to implement an automated framework for measurement of your compliance requirements

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