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How to Promote Risk Culture in Your Organization

Risk culture is a term that encompasses your company’s attitude toward risk. Some risk is good in business, and risk...

Five Key Traits Of Great Technology Officers

The Age Of Innovation And The Chief Technology Officer The digital era has created a plethora of threats, risks, values...
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How To Effectively Manage Risk For Your Organisation

Consider this: It took 89 years for the telephone to reach the level of household penetration that Facebook reached in...

Cyber attack Hits Winter Olympics: A Lesson In Cyber security

We know a cyber attack happened during the Winter Olympic Games. Hackers got into the Olympic Games computers and caused...

Eliminating Data Breaches Caused By Human Error

The digital era has seen a highly concerning upward trend in reported data breaches, with human error being the main...

What Is Organisational Resilience And Why Is it So Important?

How we perceive stress can be just as important to how we cope with it as the amount of stress...

The Importance Of Effective Information Technology Risk Management Processes

The digital era has created a new type of consumer, the 'CorpSumer'.The ‘CorpSumer’, as coined by MWWPR, comprises 33% of...

GRC In The Digital Disruption Era

The rapid pace of technology change organizations face today is overwhelming. However, disruption is the key to staying ahead of...

Understanding The Role Of AI In Compliance

For now, AI does not have the ability to take over the job of a compliance officer. Sure, the era...

The Top 10 Global Risks of 2018 that the Chief Information Officer Needs to Know

As a Chief Information Officer, you make it your business to plan for the worst. By assessing risks, including global...

A CIO’s Top 5 IT Innovation Software Tools

You want to focus your energy on your long-term vision and corporate objectives. This is why Intelligent Innovation Software Tools...

The Cloud Revolution: 4 Reasons Why Your IT Risk Management Should be Cloud-based

Why are so many organisations transferring their IT risk management to the cloud? Most organizations today have cloud-based services integrated...

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