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Demand for applications is far exceeding IT capacity. How to close the App gap?

The demand for business applications is growing at a rapid pace; it is significantly faster than the capacity of organizations...

Integrated Risk Management: Platform versus software applications

One of the major enquires faced by risk managers to manage their integrated risk (IRM) is to choose between platform...

4 tips Compliance leaders should know in 2019

Almost every company that has conducted operations for more than 6 to 12 months knows that compliance is not just...

Moving From A Reactive to Predictive Compliance

In general, compliance in many organisations needs to be reactive rather than proactive. Companies proactively become more advanced, and high-tech...

The Difference: Compliance Officer Versus Auditor

The core differences between a compliance officer and an auditor within enterprise businesses are not crystal clear to most employees....

Looking At The Big Picture In Cyber Security

If one is to become a true pioneer of risk management and cybersecurity, one must embrace a broader point of...

3 Tips to Improve Your Business Continuity Management

Business continuity management is the process of identifying risks to your organization and exploring solutions. Good business continuity planning involves...

Corporate Compliance & Regulatory Oversight in the Digital Era

In the modern age of data, servers, and lightning-fast transactions, business is happening faster than ever. It’s also more complex...

How Business Continuity Management (BCM) can help drive digital transformation

Digital transformation has become a major focus and challenge for organisations all over the globe. In fact, over 80% of...

Vital ethical and compliance risks in enterprise businesses

Technological advances and its promotion of globalisation over time have made it easier for enterprise companies to reach and expand...

Challenge Compliance Convention Or Maintain The Status Quo?

YES, standard practice in the compliance world is all about maintaining the way business has always been done, especially in...

Reasons To Always Consider Your Risk Analytics

GRC and Risk Analytics isn't a new concept. Nor is it something you or your organisation should fear. Because effective...

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