IT Disaster Recovery Management

Maintain a single-source-of-truth by leveraging data integration capabilities to synchronise IT Application/Service information from external sources. Have visibility to Recovery Time and Point Objectives (RTO and RPO) set by business processes for each of your critical IT Assets. IT DR rehearsals can be scheduled and include the ability to perform individual component testing or a full DR test simulation. Above all, respond quickly to incidents and technology disruptions with the click of a button.

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IT and Security Risk Management

Easily manage IT and cybersecurity risks through frameworks aligned with industry best practices and standards. ReadiNow’s IT and Cyber Security Risk Management capability provides instant, 360-degree, real-time views of risks across the entire enterprise. From deep technical security risks to broader IT technology based risks, sophisticated analytics and reports transform raw risk data into actionable intelligence.

Communicate and Notify

ReadiNow’s native support for bi-directional communication capabilities (SMS and email) allows effective team communication. Since the notification functionality is built-in, you can easily integrate this into any of your business process automation such as approval requests, escalations, and delegations.

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Incident Management

Identify, record, triage, respond and resolve issues and incidents with complete audit trail and traceability. Allow staff to report incidents irrespective of their location and device accessibility. Our powerful incident investigation module allows you to manage interviews and root cause analysis with ease. All this comes with industry-leading security and access control mechanisms built-in.

ReadiNow Platform Powering IT Innovation

Powered by RIE Technology™, you can autonomously adapt your ongoing IT business challenges and changes. With built-in Process automation, you can define and execute complex business process functions with ease. Configurable integration toolkits include secure file transport and WebAPI Interfaces, so you can connect with your existing applications and data sources easily.


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Powerful business
intelligence analytics

Transform the way you use data. Spend less time gathering data and more time analysing it.


Intelligent automation with ReadiNow means existing and new industry regulations are automatically embedded into your existing compliance framework.


Collaborate. Empower your employees with the latest technology at their fingertips in real time.


Be Resilient. ReadiNow Intelligent Engine Technology utilises the latest in end-to-end encryption for all your data.


Scale. ReadiNow is new cloud architecture. Get technology that grows as you grow.

IT Disaster Recovery Management Is Just One Part of…

Digital Transformation Operational Excellence

Achieve your objectives, address uncertainty and act with integrity.