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Winner 2018 BCI Innonvation


Continuity and Resilience Innovation

BCI Awards 300718-3

Why ReadiNow?

An Innovative, Adaptable Platform for Forward Thinking Organisations

Unlike traditional technology, limited and constrained, ReadiNow empowers businesses to achieve their business vision to drive agility with collaboration via integrated solutions that removes silos, costly manual workarounds and duplication of effort.

Capabilities include the ability to create seamless workflows, simplify business processes and create intuitive reports with just a few simple clicks.  ReadiNow helps businesses makes the impossible, possible, now, by creating solutions that are future proof for any sized business, in any industry.

Your success is our success

An organization’s success lies in the success of its clients.

To share a typical case study of, “A major Australian Stock Exchange listed organisation had headed down the path of developing an in-house solution to manage their BCM needs, as they could not find a BCM software solution to address their needs.

After learning about the ReadiNow innovative platform capabilities, the client opted for the ReadiNow cloud solution to take their business case forward to justify the change in technology direction and drive a more efficient, flexible and business-aligned outcome without the traditional customized vendor coding application. 

Riding on ReadiNow Corporation’s best-in-class technology, the customer achieved the desired outcome at a commercial price point of a fraction of their initial expected spend for their project.

More than just a SaaS application

ReadiNow BCM Application; Innovative, Adaptable

The BCM software comes with the PaaS (Platform as a Service) RIE® technology that makes the software future proof for the buyer. It empowers clients with the ability to extend, expand and configure the out of the box application to meet their changing business models with zero coding and instantly mobile. All configured on the one cloud platform supporting emergency email or SMS notifications, call trees with real-time visibility and self-serve analytics, with access on any mobile device, anywhere, anytime.